My name is Simon Pykett

I have worked in the education sector for well over then years now, predominantly in the music and technology fields in both adult and secondary arenas. I have directed and managed support for musical performances whilst using my more traditional teaching skills in preparing & delivering lessons to a range of classes of different ages and abilities, researching new topic areas and devising and writing new curriculum materials and preparing pupils for qualifications & external examinations. Managing pupil behaviour in the classroom environment has also played an exceptional part of my career and has enabled me to to hone my communication and interpersonal skills.

Having a background passion for technology, I spent a great deal of time on the emerging technologies of the internet and qualified as a web designer. From there, I delivered a range of ICT and Computer Science programmes in several schools throughout Hampshire and Devon settling into the role that I now work in at UTC Plymouth as teacher of ICT and Computing.

The experience I have gained throughout my career rides predominately on engaging and motivating others to succeed, either academically or professionally. Managing individuals and groups to assist them with accomplishing their goals is a key foundation of my work, and being able to manage my own planning using the resources that are around me, enables the achievement of those I work with.