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royal navy works with computer students on recruitment

Royal Navy works with computer students on recruitment

Published on 7th December 2017 by Simon

A handful of my Computer Science students have invented a computer application (App) to boost Royal Navy recruitment.

We presented our Recruiting App project to Rear Admiral John Clink who heads Flag Officer Sea Training (FOST) at a ceremony in my place of work, UTC Plymouth.

We created the App in partnership with the Royal Navy, as an aid to those going through the recruit process in preparation to sit the Naval Service Recruitment Test (NSRT). The recruitment test is a timed psychometric assessment forming an important element of the joining process.

The new Recruitment App enables candidates to practice answering sample questions similar to the actual test, either on their laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Adm Clink said: “The Royal Navy continues to be innovative and embrace modern technology; our recruiting process is just as modern. “The Recruiting App which the staff and students of UTC Plymouth have developed will offer candidates the ability to practice ahead of their test. “The students of UTC Plymouth have made a real difference in helping people prepare for a career in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines.”

One of my students, Kaye Richards, 15, worked on the security of the App. She said: “I feel very proud to have my name and college linked to this website. “It’s a worldwide app after all and will be looked at by thousands of people every year. I was set the task of ensuring the security of the App. “I was asked to try my best to hack into it and find any loopholes and we are confident of its security from illegal use.’

Lieutenant Commander George Blakeman, the Royal Navy’s Area Recruiting Officer in the South West, said: “UTC Plymouth has an excellent reputation for science, technology, engineering and mathematics or ‘STEM’ education within the region and has strong links with the Royal Navy. “ He approached the IT Dept and asked if they could design, develop and build an ‘App’ to better prepare candidates for the Naval Service Recruitment Test.

He added: “Previously candidates were issued a booklet of sample questions which I thought needed to be updated and brought into the 21st century. UTC Plymouth has delivered an outstanding project which will make a positive and tangible impact on the recruitment process.”

This is the most proudest moment of my career and I am immensely proud of what we have achieved. To see how my students have been inspired by this project is massive and I hope that they will take what they have all learned from it to better themselves both academically and professionally.